chapter  3
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Contemporary Transracial Adoption Narratives

ByProspects and Perspectives

This chapter explores the connected phenomena of the increase in international, transracial adoption in the 1990s and beyond, and the proliferation of US narratives addressing the experience of transracial adoption and associated issues. I argue that adoption in China in particular is an especially gendered phenomenon, since it is a direct consequence of China’s one-child population policy, which has led to an epidemic of abandonment of female babies in China. This in turn has created a gender-specifi c group of adoptees in the United States, who are confronted with a unique

and unprecedented range of cross-cultural, but gender-specifi c concerns and hurdles. Ultimately, I suggest, the increase in transracial adoption and the appearance of a genre of transracial adoption narratives represents a new perspective upon transglobal relations, and the meeting and connecting of cultures.