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Central and local government

Propaganda under Queen Anne (1972), a consideration of propaganda pamphlets published at election time; J. A. Downie, Robert Harley and the Press (1979), which examines the breakdown of censorship and Harley’s work in building up a highly effective government propaganda machine; and Geoffrey S. Holmes, The Trial of Doctor Sacheverell (1972), a vivid and detailed account of the trial and its consequences. One article should also be read in this connection: G.S. Holmes, ‘The Sacheverell Riots: the crowd and the church in early eighteenth-century London’, PP 72 (1976). There are two useful articles on Robert Harley which are listed in the biography section (see p. 238), together with one by Geoffrey S. Holmes and W.S. Speck, ‘The fall of Harley in 1708 reconsidered’, EHR 80 (1965). Other articles relevant to the period are Henry Horwitz, ‘The general election of 1690’, JBS 11 (1971); P.W.J. Riley, ‘The Union of 1707 as an episode in English politics’, EHR 84 (1969); and E. Gregg, ‘Marlborough in exile, 1712-14’, HJ 15 (1972).