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Military history

Dutch politics, 1677-88 and the economic consequences of William III’s wars. Other useful essays include S.L. Adams, ‘Spain or the Netherlands? The dilemmas of early Stuart foreign policy’, in Howard Tomlinson, ed., Before the English Civil War: Essays on Early Stuart Politics and Government (1983); R. Crabtree, ‘The idea of a Protestant foreign policy’, in Ivan Roots, ed., Cromwell: A Profile (1973), which is one of the most perceptive surveys of Cromwellian foreign policy; J.R. Jones, ‘English attitudes to Europe in the seventeenth century’, in J.S. Bromley and E.H. Kossmann, eds, Britain and the Netherlands in Europe and Asia (1968); J.L. Price, ‘Restoration England and Europe’, in J.R. Jones, ed., The Restored Monarchy, 1660-1688 (1979); G.C. Gibbs, ‘The Revolution in foreign policy’, in Geoffrey Holmes, ed., Britain after the Glorious Revolution, 1689-1714 (1969); M.A. Thomson, ‘Parliament and foreign policy, 1689-1714’ and other invaluable contributions on the later part of the period contained in R.M. Hatton and J.S. Bromley, eds, William III and Louis XIV: Essays 1680-1720 by and for Mark A. Thomson (Liverpool, 1968).