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For the period from the Glorious Revolution onwards, the following are useful: E.G. Rupp, Religion in England, 1688-1791 (Oxford, 1986); David L. Wykes, ‘James II’s religious indulgence of 1687 and the early organisation of dissent: the building of the first Nonconformist meeting-house in Birmingham’, MH 16 (1991); G. Every, The High Church Party, 1688-1718 (1956); John Spurr, ‘The Church of England, comprehension and the Toleration Act of 1689’, EHR 104 (1989); G.M. Straka, Anglican Reaction to the Revolution of 1688 (Madison, 1962); G.V. Bennet, ‘King William and the episcopate’, in G.V. Bennet and J.D. Walsh, eds, Essays in Modern English Church History (1966); and Craig Rose, ‘Providence, Protestant union and godly reformation’, TRHS 6th series 3 (1993).