chapter  10
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Reappraising benefits

ByTom Schuller, Cathie Hammond, John Preston

We have reported in this book the results of the WBL Centre’s first major piece of original fieldwork, against a background of other analysis of large-scale datasets. We have combined the presentation of empirical results with reflection on the conceptual and methodological issues involved in tackling the impact of learning on people’s lives. We have aimed to convey a sense of work which is still in progress, but without hedging our bets so much that we cannot offer firm results. In this concluding chapter we revisit the main findings, but at the same time we open up themes for future exploration and debate. We take further the discussion of the triangle of capitals which underpinned the analysis; and stress the significance of the matrix in Chapter 2 which developed the notions of sustaining and transformative effects. We focus particularly on issues to do with the breadth and interconnectedness of learning’s effects.