chapter  15
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Arthur Peacocke

For over twenty-five years Arthur Peacocke taught and did research on biological macromolecules (especially DNA) in the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford, where he was a Fellow of St. Peter’s College. In 1971 he took Anglican orders and in 1972 became Dean of Clare College, Cambridge, where he worked on the interaction between theology and science. He has been a Bampton and a Gifford Lecturer and until recently was Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford, for the study of religion in relation to the sciences. He is Warden-Emeritus of the Society of Ordained Scientists (S.O.Sc.) and a Hon. Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. His recent books include: From DNA to Dean: Reflections and Explorations of a PriestScientist (Canterbury Press, 1996); God and Science: A Quest for Christian Credibility (SCM Press, 1996); and Paths from Science towards God: the End of All Our Exploring (Oneworld, 2001).