chapter  11
Let it flow
Economy, spirituality and gender in the Sindhi Network
ByDieter Haller
Pages 16

In her article on siting Nevisian culture, Fog Olwig (1997) mentioned that her diasporic group seemed to be everywhere but never where she did her research. Wherever she carried out her multilocal research, be it on the Caribbean island of Nevis, in New Haven, CT, Leeds, England, or in the US Virgin Islands, she met people whose siblings or children lived in another place, who themselves had thought about migrating to another place or who migrated already. The same is true for two groups I worked with during a one-year field study – a Jewish Sephardic community and approximately 600 members of the Sindhi community, both in the British crown colony of Gibraltar, both groups that are mainly merchant communities. In this chapter, I will present the example of the latter group.