chapter  16
Post-colonial markets: new geographic spaces for tourism
New geographical spaces for tourism
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At the beginning of the third millennium, in an almost biblical way, the riders of the apocalypse descended on the travel industry in the form of death by plane crash (on 11 September 2001), war (with Afghanistan and Iraq) and now pestilence (SARS) (Economist 2003). Tourism is always a fickle industry but the impact of political crises seems more marked for American tourists than in other Caribbean tourist markets. This has had a long-term effect with the dominance of United States tourists declining rapidly since the Gulf War. The Caribbean has looked to new markets in Europe and South America to reduce the region’s dependence on the colossus to the north, resulting in change in the product offered and increased inter-island variation in types of tourism. This chapter examines the growing impact of market specialisation in the Caribbean, within a framework of expanding regional integration of the tourism industry through organisations such as the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel Association.