chapter  5
The contribution of education to health promotion
Goals of this chapter
ByKatherine Weare
Pages 25

This chapter will explore the contribution of education to health promotion. To do so we need some definition of health promotion. As there is little space to debate the various existing models here, and this topic is discussed in other chapters in this volume, this chapter will make use of the recent definitions and key concepts and principles of the World Health Organization (WHO 1986, 1991, 1997). The vision of health promotion put forward by the WHO is centrally concerned with certain key principles, such as empowerment, democracy, equity, and autonomy, but these are values or goals rather than techniques, and do not tell us how we may achieve them. The chapter suggests that education has a key part to play in the realization of modern health promotion principles and goals. It will put forward a very wide range of educational approaches and strategies that have their uses, as we must not be bedevilled by absolutist thinking, but use whatever works best to achieve our goals.