Varieties of healthy public policy
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Most contemporary perspectives on drug misuse are associated with the ‘new public health’ and place emphasis on primary care, prevention, and health promotion as well as crime prevention and social care. Problems are usually the outcome of various mixes of host, agent, and environment or, alternatively expressed, people, products, and settings (Robinson 1989). A problematic interrelation of these three elements results in drinking and driving, for example. Solutions to problems take place on a broad front and calls are made for an increasingly ambitious range of interventions (Chapman-Walsh 1990), some methods having a more proven track record than others (Grant 1989). Most of the current efforts have been geared to reducing consumption by depressing demand, though efforts have also been directed at supply (WHO 1988a). Though there are many potential ways for health promotion related to drug misuse, those working within the field tend to prefer and emphasize one approach and in doing so reveal particular theoretical orientations and assumptions about the way they see the world.