chapter  5
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Baudrillard's woman: The Eve of seduction

WithSadie Plant

Seduction becomes the border, the limit, beyond which there is nothing; the measure against which the masculine subject can be certain of itself. Only the simulacra of nothing is possible, only the simulation of the void. There is no longer something and nothing, nor a possible passage from one to the other. Appearance is the real operation of both; the moment before the void is the entire operation of the world, the perpetual motion of post-modernity. Seduction is more than the identification of a new force of production in the world, just as appearance is in more than a diametrical relation to the real. Seduction may be delightful in its lack of purpose, desire, and meaning, but its attractions may also be fatal; it may tempt and excite, but it also yawns as the terrible abyss over which the real is suspended, a vertiginous crevice which pulls at the world of men and things.