Table 1. Mcan (±SD) concentric hamstrings (He), concentric quadriccps (Qc), concentric hamstrings (He), and concentric quadriccps (Qc) torques (Nm), non-fatigued and fatigued, for the three angle specific and peak torque variables.
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Concentric hamstrings torque significantly (P<0.01) decreased after the fatiguing exercise protocol for the three angle specific and also the peak torque (P<0.001) variables. The concentric quadriceps torque variable showed a significant decrease (P<0.05) at one (peak) of the four variables following the 6× 40-metre maximal sprint efforts, when compared to the non-fatigued condition. There was also a significant decrease (P<0.05) in eccentric hamstrings torque after the fatiguing exercise for the 50° angle specific variable when compared to a non-fatigued condition.