Figure 5. Typical heart rate responses of elite adolescent footballers to various training stimuli.
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Heart rate response to training sessions varied according to the type and intensity of work involved. In Figure 5 above, the responses to four different training sessions are displayed. The response to a technical training session where the players are practising passing and shooting is shown in Figure 5a. The intensity is low throughout this session. In the session displayed in Figure 5b the first section is again of a technical nature and the initial intensity is low. The last part of this session involved interval training as can be seen by the regularity of the peaks and troughs in the heart rate response. In this part of the session the intensity was high and the combined effect of the technical and physical components was a medium intensity training session. Figure 5c displays a session that combined technical with physical work in the form of small-sided games. The intensity during the games is high and the rest periods are generally of the same or similar duration to each game (e.g. 3 or 4 min). This session is medium to high in intensity. The final Figure (5d) shows the heart rate response to a practice match within the group and is very similar to the heart rate response to a competitive match shown in Figure 1. This session was of high intensity as can be seen from the HR average line for the session which lies in the grey area representing heart rates above 85% HRmax.