Figure 3. Liquids intake (includes ingested drinks and the watery content of the solid foods, ml) of soccer players from First League (1 League), Second (2 Division), Third Division (3 Division), professional, non-professional, goalkeepers (G), lateral full-backs (LFB), central full-backs (CFB), half-backs (HB) forwards (F) and liquids obtained from the menu published by Bangsbo (1998) which was taken as a standard (Standard).
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Soccer players from the first league ingested more Fe than the standard menu (29.7 mg) and even more than the RDA (12 mg), and professional players ingested statistically (Student’s t-test, P>0.05) an equal amount of Fe as the standard, while soccer players from the other team levels and non-professional players ingested less of this mineral. The CFB soccer players and the forwards had Fe intake higher than the standard but the difference was not significant (Student’s s t-test, P>0.05). The results concerning the other playing positions (LFB, HB and G) were lower than the standard although not significantly different (Student’s t-test, P>0.05) due the higher SDs obtained.