chapter  92
The Effect of Configuration and Content of Pre-Shooting Ball-Possessions Sequences upon Scoring
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As a ball possession phase might create a momentary lapse of dominance during a match, its properties with respect to duration, timing, pace, (geometrical) configuration, complexity, number and type of players involved, the type of actions giving that sequence its content-and probably a number of other parameters-are worthwhile studying for the purpose of knowing why only very few attacks result in a score. It would be better still to know how to exploit the characteristics of those sequences in future games. Many authors have expressed their own point of views to tackle there problems (Grehaigne, 1991; Theis, 1992; Jonsson et al., 2000; Hook and Hughes, 2001; Hughes et al., 2001). Different kinds of methodologies have been applied to reveal the secrets of a score.