Figure 2. Amount of shoulder extension present at the end of the backswing for Subjects 3 and 5.
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Table 1 indicates that ball release velocities were similar between subjects across each distance with release velocity for the throw to the back of the lineout being significantly greater than the release velocities for the throws to the middle and front. Release velocities for throws to the middle and front of the lineout were not significantly different for any subjects. Table 2 represents the peak linear resultant velocities of the centre of gravity in the horizontal and vertical planes. Data show a similar trend to that reported in Table 1, with greater linear velocities present for throws to the back of the lineout. Tables 3 and 4 show the peak angular velocity data for selected angular kinematic variables for Subjects 1 and 4, respectively. Results show a clear trend towards an increased lower limb involvement for increased throw distance (front compared to back), despite minimal changes in upper body kinematics. The trends for the remaining subjects were similar to those reported by these two subjects.