Table 2. Correlations (r) between training induced changes of lactate thresholds and of [La−]FIELD.
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Bland and Altman scatterplots (Figure 2) showed no bias (0.01 mmol·l-1) and a total error within ±0.75 mmol·l-1 (95% confidence interval). Reliahility expressed as typical error as CV was 9.6%. From CV values the individual minimal detectable change (MDC) was calculated multiplying CV by 1.5 Z-score (Hopkins, 2000a) (MDC=14.4%). The intraclass correlation coefficient, even if high (0.94), was not considered indicative of the reliability of the test due to the heterogeneity of the [La−]FIELD (range from about 2 mmol·l-1 to 7 mmol·l-1).