Table 3. Exploratory factor analysis of sprint times in consequent sprints in the IAnRT—rotated factor loadings.
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Correlations between the first and the second IAnRT and the other reliability indicators, i.e. the CV and the SEM, suggested good reliability in absolute scores of running performance.

The significantly higher mean running speed of first two sprints of the IAnRT (V1+2) in the second trial in comparison to the first could be due to the fact that subjects had no experience of any intermittent anaerobic test. Then a strategy in outlay of effort in the first IAnRT could influence running speed in this test. However, the mean running speed achieved through this test proved to be a very reliable index. Even the CV of the V1+2 2.13% suggested very high agreement of individual test-retest values in the sprints at the beginning of this intermittent test.