Table 1. Mean (±SD) fitness profile results as a function of playing level.
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Follow up univariate analyses for playing level revealed that first team players performed better than the reserve team players in the agility and anaerobic tests. No significant differences emerged in terms of the psychological skills assessed by the Sport-related Psychological Skills Questionnaire for playing level or position. A significant main effect for playing level emerged for the performance profile data. Follow up univariate analyses revealed that the first team players rated themselves higher than the reserve team players on their current level of mental (first team M=8.00, SD=0.82; reserve team M=7.10, SD=0.76: P<0.001), tactical (first team M=7.43, SD=0.84; reserve team M=6.82, SD= 0.68: P<0.01), technical (first team M=7.46, SD=0.81; reserve team M=6.93, SD=0.76: P<0.05), and physical skills (first team M=7.88, SD=0.87; reserve team M=7.11; SD=0.69: P<0.01).