Figure 1. Box plot of ball velocity data. Figure 2. Box plot of ball spin data.
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As might be expected the instep and outstep swerve kick types produced lower mean velocities of 23.52 and 20.85 m.s-1 respectively. The mean value of 23.52 m.s-1 recorded for the instep swerve kick compares favourably with Asai and Akatsuka (1998) who

measured an average ball velocity for an instep kick of 23.28 m.s-1. The range of velocity values observed was higher than those of 18 to 22 m.s−1 recorded by Isokawa and Lees (1988), which may have been due to the use of professional players rather than amateurs. When comparing the measured ball velocity data with those of earlier studies using amateur players, it is evident that professional players achieve higher ball velocities.