chapter  4
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Four studies from one or one study from four?

Robert G.Burgess, Christopher J.Pole, Keith Evans and Christine Priestley
ByMulti-site case study research

The terms ‘fieldwork’ and ‘field research’ have an omnibus quality to them. In common with many aspects of qualitative research they cover various elements of the research process: gaining access, the selection of sites, the collection and analysis of data, and strategies associated with reporting and disseminating data. Yet each of these aspects of the research process is not discrete, for each phase of qualitative research has implications for another. The choice of research questions has implications for the topics and themes of data analysis. The selection of research sites will have implications not only for data collection, but also for the data that are available for analysis and dissemination. Clearly, these are issues which demand exploration in the context of a qualitative project so that the relationship between data analysis and other aspects of the research process can be examined.