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Developments in qualitative data analysis: an introduction

ByAlan Bryman, Robert G. Burgess

This approach to ‘methods’ was the subject of considerable revision in the 1980s, which witnessed the publication of a range of volumes focusing upon qualitative research. These included general texts (Burgess 1984a, Hammersley and Atkinson 1983) as well as more specialist volumes that took up aspects of qualitative research such as policy (Finch 1986), writing (Atkinson 1990), ethics (Burgess 1989), and reading and evaluating texts (Hammersley 1991). While many of these books focused upon major elements of research, there was little emphasis given to data analysis and only Miles and Huberman (1984) devoted a whole volume to this topic; in it principles of data analysis were discussed, although not in relation to research studies that had been conducted recently. However, one important aspect of research that was revealed in these texts was a shift from ‘methods’ and ‘stages’ of social research to a discussion of methodology in terms of a research process.