chapter  4
Links across the primary/secondary interface—a primary perspective
ByJohn Messer
Pages 15

The National Curriculum will offer a broad and balanced education for all pupils providing progression and continuity from 5-16 and beyond.

(National Curriculum Council 1990a:3)


Over many years, there have been innumerable local initiatives designed to create bridges between the primary and secondary phases of education. Sometimes the initiative has been born of some simple social motive linked to easing pupils’ physical transition from one phase to the next. More recently, there have been genuine attempts to secure some progression and continuity of learning. Often the creation of some form of transitional progress report has formed the tenuous basis of a link. The attempts have been well meaning and have received varying degrees of support, yet very little real progress has been made towards creating proper durable structures between what has now become Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum.