chapter  5
Links with educational support services
ByGeorge Campbell
Pages 16

This chapter is concerned with the management of the links between a school and its educational support services. At the time of writing the local management of schools (LMS) is still in its early years, and how it will develop further is far from clear. LEAs are at different stages in the devolution of financial responsibility to their schools. Schools are displaying different levels of confidence and competence in tackling the many changes brought about by the Education Reform Act. Teachers are feeling under severe pressure in facing up to many diverse demands, at a time when their schools seem under-resourced and their own professional efforts and performance appear to be under-appreciated. The necessary infrastructures that could promote and foster improved communication and decision-making among school staff and their associates at this time of profound change are still being worked out and tried out. Against this complex and dynamic background, schools are being challenged to re-think the ways they might gain access to various educational support services, and to consider at a more fundamental level the cost and necessity of such provision.