chapter  6
Links with further education
ByMichael Snell
Pages 9

Among the many current publications available to assist schools with every aspect of their local management of schools (LMS) requirements, including marketing and associated activities, there is a marked lack of reference to further education. A typical chapter heading list will contain extensive guidance on the handling of external relations with feeder schools, community organizations, industry and commerce, the LEA and local councils, but further education attracts little such attention, frequently finding itself combined with ‘other schools and colleges’. As the purveyor of goods on a further education market stall, this is a matter for some personal concern, for not only does it perpetuate the Cinderella syndrome of the under-funded and neglected post-sixteen sector, it also pays scant regard to the needs of school-leavers and their adult companions for education, training and retraining for the postindustrial United Kingdom of the 1990s.