chapter  6
Variations on a theme: divisions and union in a maturing discipline Introduction 57; Computing curricula developments 57; Continuous curriculum and programme development 59;
ByLillian N. Cassel
Pages 10

The field of computing has grown and is widely recognized as critical to economic and intellectual health. With this growth has come diversification and specialization. While these are good things, there is the possibility that healthy diversification could lead to fragmentation. This could leave the various parts of the computing discipline small and with limited influence. A new project is attempting to address the issues of supporting the development of the parts of computing while keeping the family of disciplines together. The thesis is that together these disciplines offer more to the world and have a greater strength for their own development. To promote both development of the parts and a strengthening of the whole, the project attempts to represent all of computing in all of its manifestations, and to do so in a supportive and constructive way.