chapter  16
Improving the quality of teaching in computing Andrew McGettrick Introduction 172; What is quality? 172; Published quality documents 173; Nature of learning and teaching 176; Assessment issues 178; Some important observations 179; Nature of
ByAndrew McGettrick
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The title of this chapter immediately raises some very fundamental questions such as improvement for whom, is this undergraduate level or postgraduate level, and what is the definition of quality?

Over the last ten years, a period coinciding with the expansion of the higher education (HE) system from a relatively elite one to one of mass HE, there has been increasing attention given to quality considerations. A great deal of that activity has tended to focus on the evidence that ought to support quality activity rather than quality itself. In an attempt to redress the balance, the focus in this chapter will be quality. Thus, for example, although they are important, issues of quality control will receive reduced attention.