chapter  4
Qualified Teacher Status
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The 1994 Education Act established the Teacher Training Agency (TTA), an executive, non – departmental public body. The purpose of this organisation is to ‘raise standards in schools by attracting able and committed people to teaching and by improving the quality of teacher training’ (DfES 2002). One aspect of the TTA’s original remit for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) was to review the structure and content of courses in order to establish Standards for the Award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Key DfEE circulars on these developments were 14/93, 10/97 and 4/98 (DfE 1993; DfEE 1997; DfEE 1998). Circulars 10/97 and 4/98 signified the development of a more focused agenda that identified:

• course requirements; • Standards for the Award of QTS; • primary English, mathematics, science and ICT curricula; • secondary English, mathematics, science and ICT curricula.