chapter  8
Fast Track
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This chapter is concerned with a particular set of National Standards that are not yet well known in the teaching profession. These are the Fast Track competencies and values, a key part of the Fast Track teaching programme that was launched in 2000:

The aim of the programme is to attract new entrants (recent graduates and career changers) and serving teachers with excellent leadership potential and provide a structure to assist them in reaching leadership positions – from within the classroom as Advanced Skills Teachers, as members of the Leadership group, or in the wider world of education – as quickly as possible. (

The first part of the chapter sets out the policy context of the Fast Track teaching programme and describes the selection and recruitment strategy of the initiative. The focus then moves onto the Fast Track standards themselves; the competencies and values that underpin the programme. There is an analysis of these standards and a comparison with other models and approaches to be found in educational settings. The Fast Track competencies and values are seen to conform most closely to the ‘personal characteristics’ model of defining occupational standards.