chapter  4
Media vs. reality?
ByHans J. Eysenck
Pages 10

Having had a good deal of contact with the media, I have inevitably developed some fairly firm conclusions about their dealings with social scientists. These are based on literally hundreds of television programmes in which I have taken part in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa, the Scandinavian countries, and unlikely places like Iceland and Morocco. Much the same applies to radio interviews and programmes. As far as the press is concerned, my wife has amassed enough material to fill a dozen large books! What have I learned? The first point, of course, is to realize that it is impossible to generalize. Interviewers and writers range from an enthusiastic pro to a viciously opinionated con, with impeccably unprejudiced, objective reporters in between. What can be said is that all such encounters raise one’s visibility, as Mae West used to say: ‘It is better to be looked over than to be overlooked!’