chapter  11
Conflict resolution between victims and offenders in Austria and in the Federal Republic of Germany
ByChrista Pelikan
Pages 21

The conflict resolution schemes I am going to present are all located within the juvenile justice system. It is significant and important to keep in mind that juvenile justice and the juvenile court traditionally serve as a field of experimentation for the criminal justice system in general. Reforms and new ideas grow and flourish easily there as they do not seem to pose the same kind of threat for the established system as elsewhere, youth itself being associated with change and with hope for the future. Indeed, new ideas do sometimes make progress even in the grim and hardened field of criminal justice. This has been the case with conflict resolution, the initiative taken with juveniles, which I shall describe in this chapter, having stimulated discussion about starting a project with adult offenders. This could be referred to as the avantgarde or Vorreiterstellung of juvenile justice.