chapter  3
The nobles and the revolt
WithHenk van Nierop
Pages 19

Liberal historians, who regarded themselves as the true spiritual heirs of the revolt, proclaimed that it was not the nobles but the heroic middle classes of the booming commercial towns of Holland and Zeeland which had played the leading part in the birth of the Dutch Republic. In France in particular historians have argued that the nobility underwent disastrous economic and social decline in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the nobles and the revolt 49 they have identified the process as one of the causes of the French civil wars. The nobles, provincial governors and local seigneurs, were directly involved with the implementation of the nobles and the revolt 55 anti-heresy placards. As the revolt in due course became more radical, many nobles felt that safeguarding their position within the constitutional framework of the state was less important than loyalty to the dynasty to which they owed their exalted social position.