chapter  4
Religion and the revolt
WithAndrew Pettegree
Pages 17

The outbreak of the Dutch Revolt in 1566 was for those who lived through it an astonishing and awe-inspiring event. Religion and the revolt 69 began to marshal the agencies of repression against the new beliefs. By 1529 infringement of the proclamations on matters of religion was made punishable by death. Religion and the revolt 71 After 1559 French Calvinism embarked on a period of buoyant and apparently uncontrollable growth. Religion and the revolt 73 young Francis II brought a realignment of power loyalties which for the first time embraced the growing religious divisions. There are striking parallels with the situation in the Netherlands before the outbreak of the Dutch Revolt. Thus politics certainly played its part in the collapse of authority which ushered in the first Dutch Revolt in 1566. Religion and the revolt 77 compromised themselves through membership of the churches took flight.