chapter  10
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Most administration and management tasks can be facilitated using IT. Some schools may wish to purchase a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) which performs a wide range of tasks. Other schools will buy individual items of applications software in response to particular needs. A wide range of tasks can be done using IT, some of which are listed below. Not all software will do all these tasks and some software will do other tasks. However, when considering the purchase of new software or evaluating it, the following may be a helpful indication of what it is realistic and possible to expect: • Information about pupils can be stored. This may be simply the type of

information that is routinely kept about pupils, for example, pupils’ names, addresses, next of kin, form group, emergency contacts, and doctor’s name. Keeping this information on a computer instead of on paper should facili-

tate access to it, and the production of a variety of useful reports such as form lists, class lists, lists of pupils taking school meals, and lists of pupils living in specific areas. Many of these would be too time-consuming to produce and keep up to date without the use of IT.