chapter  8
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Lesbian Artist?

BySadie Lee

Although I am a lesbian and an artist I am also interested in attempting to challenge preconceived ideas of lesbianism. I believe that giving your imagined ‘cross-section of society’ audience too much initial information can determine how they feel about what they’re looking at. There are advantages to being labelled a ‘lesbian artist’ as it provides a positive role model for other lesbians, helps create awareness and visibility and, in some cases of positive discrimination, artists are invited to exhibit their work primarily because they are lesbians. This is of course beneficial to the lesbian and gay community but may make it difficult to promote positive images of lesbians to those who are most prejudiced. I feared that some heterosexual people would shy away from my paintings as they might feel that they had nothing in common with lesbians and therefore would not be interested in art created by them.