chapter  14
Health and work insecurity in young men
ByMel Bartley, Scott Montgomery, Derek Cook, Michael Wadsworth
Pages 17

All studies show higher rates of ill health, however measured, both psychological (Warr 1984, 1985; Heady and Smyth 1989) and physical (Moylan et al. 1984; Cook et al. 1982; Bartley 1988; White 1991) in women and men who are unemployed. However, there is continuing debate about the meaning of this association (Gravelle 1985; Cook and Shaper 1984; Bartley 1994). Ill health may predispose men to lose their jobs (Stern 1983); it would be economically rational for managers to select those with poor health records when reducing the size of their work force. During a time of recession, health is obviously a lesser consideration in job loss-the vast majority of lay-offs and redundancies take place because of a general decline in the demand for labour. Health may still play a role, however, in the likelihood of reemployment (Morris and Cook 1991).