chapter  2
Becoming Right: Education and the Formation of Conservative Movements
ByMichael W. Apple, Anita Oliver
Pages 26

Throughout the United States, national organizations have been formed by conservatives to fight against what counts as “official knowledge” in schools. These organizations often reach out to local groups of “concerned citizens” and offer financial and legal assistance in their battles with school systems at state and local levels. Citizens for Excellence in Education, the Eagle Forum, the Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom, and Focus on the Family are among the most active. Mel and Norma Gabler, as well, have developed a system of opposition that aids parents and rightist groups throughout the country in their attempts to challenge educational policies and practices and either to change the content of books or to have them removed from schools. The “Christian Right” has become an increasingly powerful movement in the United States, one that has had major effects on educational policy deliberations, curriculum, and teaching (Apple, 2001; DelFattore, 1992; see also J.D.Hunter, 1983, 1987).