chapter  8
Leisure and pleasure: Cliff’s literacy practices
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CLIFF: Well, yeah. I wrote to…I met Ken Dodd when…twenty-odd years

ago at The Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. It was one Spring Bank Holiday Monday and if I remember rightly it was a very wet, cold, windy day. And I had two little girls at that time. And they’d be about four and five year old and we didn’t know where to go. I hadn’t a car in those days. And he was appearing at the Bradford Alhambra. And they’d seen him on television because he had a series, ‘Ken Dodd and the Diddymen’, on television. It was a children’s programme. So I said I would take them down to see if we could see him at the stage door. We couldn’t get in for the show because it was a complete sell-out.