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Making Babies: James Cameron’s Aliens Two

James Cameron’s first film, Terminator, concerns a threat posed to the future of the human race by the unintended evolution of a species of machines which responds to a threat to its own survival from its creators (who try to unplug SkyNet, the self-aware strategic defence computer who ‘fathers’ this species) by trying to annihilate them – first by nuclear war, then by genocide. The machines send a cybernetic organism back through time to kill the woman who will give birth to the leader of the successful human resistance; and the film charts the ensuing struggle between this ‘terminator’ and a resistance soldier sent by his leader to protect that woman. By the end of the film, Sarah Connor has been transformed from an under-achieving waitress and overly-trusting dater of unsuitable men to a mother capable of terminating the terminator even after her protector’s death; she drives off into the desert, equipped to take on the task of preparing the child now growing in her womb for his future military role.