chapter  14
Becoming Passionate about Teacher Education
ByTom Russell
Pages 7

This concluding chapter of Teaching about Teaching: Purpose, Passion and Pedagogy is intended for those who turn first to a book’s conclusion as well as for those who have already examined the preceding chapters. By volunteering to prepare the introductory chapter, my co-editor has given me the unique opportunity and challenge of looking back and consolidating. When John and I approached the contributors nine months ago, as John was completing his term as a visitor at Queen’s University, we recognized this collection as more than a chance to express our shared passion for the importance of pedagogy in teacher education. This volume would also be a way to gather together a special community of teacher educators who have become treasured professional colleagues. That they share our passion for purpose and pedagogy is apparent in their responses to our invitation; these chapters were produced in less than six months. One further statement serves to express my personal assessment of the quality and significance of these contributions: Although my retirement is still a decade away, I would be more than content if this were my last professional publication. This collection issues an important and, we hope, compelling invitation to teacher educators to enhance their contributions to future generations of teachers and students by joining us in becoming passionate about teacher education.