chapter  4
Tropicália, Coun te rcu l tu re , and the Diasporic
ByChristopher Dunn
Pages 24

As in other parts of the Americas, music associated with socially marginal ized

communi t i e s would acquire emblema t i c status for various modern iz ing projects espousing cultural nat ional ism and political popul ism. 2 Popular music would

play a central role in the const i tut ion and expression of a cul tural patr imony, that

ensemble of symbolic goods and practices which he lp to p roduce and ma in ta in

Tropicália, Counterculture, and the Diasporic Imagination in Brazil 73

consensus , mi t iga t ing confl ic ts based o n social, racial, e thn ic , a n d regional dif-

f e r ences . '