chapter  5
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A critical analysis of the organisation of major sports events

WithNigel Dobson, Roslyn Sinnamon

The world of major sports events is a dynamic, evolving and growing industry (like the business of sport itself), with an increasing number of major world events, of increasing size, taking place with increasing regularity, with increasing technological advancement, spiralling broadcasting rights and cut throat competition to be the host. This fierce competition to host events sets nations against each other in the race to reach the golden prize. The tension between England and Germany for the European nomination to host the 2006 World Cup illustrates the importance placed upon the benefits associated with major events, not least because of the estimated 5 billion DM in additional income predicted over 15 years in Germany if it secures the tournament. There is a need therefore to get all aspects of delivering the event right, particularly the bidding stage in the first instance. The host nation, region or city is on show to the whole world. Failure to organise a successful event is not just unacceptable, it is now potentially catastrophic and can have long lasting effects.