chapter  8
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The nature of special educational needs partnerships

ByEnid Mordaunt

Partnership has long been considered to be an important way of working within schools in both England and Scotland (Cave 1970; De’Ath and Pugh (eds) 1984a/b; Macbeth 1989; Wolfendale (ed.) 1989; Jowett et al. 1991; Munn (ed.) 1993). The extensive literature, which also encompasses Europe (SO 1998a), covers many aspects of school life. With the development of Parent Partnership Schemes or Services (PPS), it also became an established way of working in the area of special educational needs (SEN) (Blamires et al. 1997; Wolfendale (ed.) 1997; Wolfendale and Cook 1997). This chapter sets out to examine the nature of those SEN partnerships, offering a comparative picture of England and Scotland.