chapter  10
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Cameroon: Managing cultural complexity and power

WithWith Olivier Nana Nzepa

Hybrid management systems abound in infinite variety. The three quotations at the head of this chapter attest to this. Broadly, the first represents an attempt to break out from a post-colonial public administration system that has been characterized by the strength of its informal system, by introducing such formal systems of management as appraisal processes. The second represents a Western company’s attempt to introduce post-instrumental performance-based management systems. The third is a rare example of an emergent African renaissance style of management modelled on traditional systems. These three quite different organizations are used as examples as we focus on management and change in a country that may well be regarded as a microcosm and possibly the epitome of sub-Saharan Africa: a unique country, but having many of the features of other African countries, and indeed many post-colonial societies.