chapter  11
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Kenya: A bridge between Africa and Asia?

So far in this book we have referred to a mainly trichotomous distinction among the ‘ideal type’ management systems of post-colonial, post-instrumental and African renaissance. In Chapter 1, we also included the possibility of other management systems that might contribute to hybridization of management systems (either adaptive or non-adaptive) such as East Asian or Japanese systems. In Chapter 12 we discuss this influence in connection with a Japanese company in South Africa, and note the increased interest in sub-Saharan Africa of Japanese corporations. Yet there are much older influences on East African societies and more recently on corporate life and management. Pre-dating European influences was the influx of traders from the Arabian peninsula who intermarried with the local population, giving rise to the Islamic-influenced towns of modern day coastal Kenya and the official language of Kenya: KiSwahili and the predominantly Moslem Swahili people (WaSwahili).