Overfl ows and Wastes
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BS6465: Part 1 Sanitary Appliances Baths ‘…shold be fi tted with an overfl ow pipe, the ID of which should be not less than 25 mm (1 ).’ Footbaths ‘…should be provided with an overfl ow.’ Washbasins ‘…should be made in one piece including a combined overfl ow’… designed to facilitate cleaning. The overfl ow should be of the open weir type with removable grating, or of the slot type.’ Shower trays ‘Where shower trays are used as footbaths and are provided with an outlet plug, there should be an overfl ow.’ Domestic sink ‘The overfl ow is usually combined with the waste and should be of the open weir type.’ Veg. sinks ‘…standing waste outlet.’ Wash tubs ‘…open weir overfl ow.’