Statutory Requirements in Outline
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The following requirements are needed by the Building Regulations 1985 or BS.5906:1980 Code of Practice for storage and on-site treatment of solid waste from buildings.

Refuse storage container chambers constructed in Buildings comprising more than one dwelling

— chamber walls, fl oor and roof to be made of suitable non-combustible materials. — fi re resistance of walls and fl oors that separate chamber from building to comply with

Building Regulations (or one hour fi re resistance whichever is the greater). — the inner surfaces of the chamber to be impervious to moisture. — fl ood laid to a fall towards a trapped gully (gully can be inside or immediately outside

chamber). — fl ush door in the external wall to afford 1/2 hour fi re resistance and be sole means

of access. — refuse to be deposited in container by chute and/or hopper. — where delivery is by hopper only directly into chamber (not by chute), then chamber

to have fl yproof vent as high as practicable or vent pipe shaft.