Design of Refuse Chambers
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Facilities for the storage and collection of refuse should provide adequate storage combined with the maximum convenience for the occupier and refuse collector and the highest practicable standard of hygiene, amenity, safety from fi re risk and smoke and sound insulation. The chamber should be located at vehicle access level (essential in the case of bulk containers) preferably away from the main entrance to the building. The position should be decided in conjunction with the design of chutes and the roadways and approaches to buildings. Separate enclosed accommodation at ground level in an accessible position should be provided for the storage of large and bulky articles so that the L.A. can make special collection arrangements. A minimum space of 10 m2 is recommended or 0.03 m3 per person. Containers should be constructed in accordance with the BS1136 or BS3495. Where containers are proposed to be used for which no BS is available, these should be of a type approved by the L.A. CP306 defi nes the following: Refuse storage container:- A movable refuse container, with a capacity not exceeding 1 m3 in which refuse is stored awaiting collection. Bulk container:- A movable container, exceeding 1 m3 in capacity up to 9.17 m3 (12 yd3). (Larger sizes are available).