Brackets and Supports
For Wash Basins, Sinks, and Other Fixings SfB74 CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS
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Brackets for building into a wall should include a lugged portion which may be slotted to provide a key for mortar. Brackets for screwing to a wall should be provided with a back fi xing plate. Supports consisting of legs with horizontal straps should have a wall fi xing fl ange on the latter. The leg should be rigidly and securely fi xed to the strap. Strap and leg supports without fi xing studs should be tied together by a cross member, either adjacent to the wall or at the outer extremity. Leg supports may be solid drawn tubes or castings and may terminate in a screw fl ange or alternative types of dowel fl ange. If towel rails are provided with strap and leg supports, the ends adjacent to the wall should be secured to the wall fi xing fl ange and not independently attached to the wall.