chapter  6
Variety for the sake of variety? Diversification motives in consumer choice
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Suppose that you are planning the itinerary for your upcoming Hawaiian vacation. Imagine that you have been to Hawaii before and know that you enjoy relaxing on the beach more than other available activities such as deep-sea fishing, shopping, and mingling with strangers at the hotel-sponsored luau. How much time would you allow yourself to spend relaxing on the beach? Will you choose beach relaxation until you are ready for a change, or will you switch away from the beach experience to your less-favored experiences to incorporate diversity into your vacation? Casual observation of tourist’s vacation habits suggests that you are likely to diversify your activities. Even in making more prosaic choices such as choosing among a selection of appetizers at a party or potentially more important choices, such as making donations to charity, people will sometimes incorporate less-liked items or experiences in order to obtain variety.